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Exciting news for you!

Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (OTC Pink: HWAL) and LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC Pink: LIGA) have recently joined forces in a strategic alliance, aiming to create an exceptional music NFT project.

The latest joint endeavor between HWAL and LIGA centers around the development of two striking NFT collections: “RockDawgs” and “BluzKatz.”

These striking collections feature AI-generated artwork and offer incredible digital art collectibles. But wait, there’s more! The NFTs will hold special utility as they grant you digital ownership of exclusive online music.

More announcements are coming soon!

LIG Assets, (LIGA) Forms New Capital Advisory Company Bullion Consortium Inc.
LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC Pink: LIGA), a publicly traded sustainability-oriented holding company with a focus on sustainable housing, media, and logistic markets has formed a new Capital Advisory and Investment Portfolio Holding company, “Bullion Consortium, …

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